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Premium Internet Publishers Attract Higher Conversion Rates For Advertisers [Study]

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Premium Publishers who rank in the top 100 ComScore websites are more effective at attracting and converting users in performance-based campaigns than sites that rely on long-tail keywords according to a recent study conducted by retargeting firm Criteo.

Criteo used premium European websites Sky, Channel 4 and The Guardian to determine how premium retailers attract and convert their users for advertisers.

According to the study, buying a user or cookie from a premium publisher is more expensive than long-tail keyword websites, however those web properties offer click through rates up to four times higher with 20% better conversion rates when compared to long-tail keyword websites. The study also found that 20% of the users on the premium publisher sites were unique to those sites, thus attracting a decidedly unique audience.

Criteo’s Aly Nurmohamed told NMA:

“Something we get asked all the time is if we’re targeting a user rather than the environment; if we can buy that user on another site for a much cheaper price, why have relationships with premium publishers? This study shows these relationships are important, and we can see their performance is much better.”

Here are some of the reports major findings:

  • 20% of users to The Guardian, Sky and Channel 4 were only present on these sites.
  • Click-through-rate increased four times. The average CTR of visitors to the premium publishers was four times higher than the CTR of users who never visited a premium publisher during the test period.
  • Conversion rates were 16% higher. The study showed that users to premium publisher sites had a higher propensity to purchase than those that only visited non-premium sites.
  • The *CTR was 2% on the premium publishers versus 0.5% on the long tail sites. (*CTR rates vary from advertiser to advertiser)
  • There was uplift in the conversion rate of 15% from ads served on the Guardian, Sky and Channel 4.

Overall the program proves that proper targeting of an advertisers required demographic is an important consideration when buying advertising from online media publishers, specifically when dealing with news reporting environments.