Medacity aims to be the best and main destination site for new media news on the internet.

Editor and Publisher Duncan Riley had this to say about the idea:

“I started with the Blog Herald, the first site established that covered blog industry news on the internet. This is back in the days that blogging was new and the idea of “new media” really meant blogging.

I moved on through b5media, TechCrunch, and then The Inquisitr, and asked myself a simple question: why is no one seriously covering exclusively the new media space, the parent of the blogging space of what I first covered in 2003.

And hence I’ve founded Medacity, the news of new media.

There are sites out there that cover what we cover, but I’m yet to find one who covers new media exclusively.

This is a fundamental shift in media, and I couldn’t believe that no one was covering it exclusively until now.

It’s an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

The writers
Duncan Riley

Editor & Publisher Duncan Riley started blogging in 2003 after a career of management and Government service. In 2003 he started the Blog Herald, the first blog to cover the then new industry of blogging. In 2005 he was one of the three founders of b5media, a company now based in Canada that went on to take US$10m in its first two rounds.

After a 12 month stint at TechCrunch, writing as the No.2 to Michael Arrington, Duncan left to found The Inquisitr, a site he ran profitably for 3 years before selling in May 2011 for US$330,000.

Kim LaCapria

Kim LaCapria is a writer and editor based in New York. A longtime information junkie, she began blogging full-time at the Inquisitr in 2009. Prior to that, she worked as a marketing assistant in the cosmetics and skincare industry.

In addition to her work at Medacity and Inquisitr, Kim regularly writes for SocialNewsDaily, Indyposted, TotallyMoney. In the past, she contributed to Lipstick and Luxury and managed social media accounts and blogs for several small and mid-sized businesses.

James Johnson James Johnson

James is a new media veteran who currently serves as the Senior Editor for Inquisitr.com and Editor of SocialNewsDaily.com, he’s also the founder of New Media news site Indyposted.com. As a freelance writer his work has been featured on GearCrave.com, PhoneDog.com, TUAW.com (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) ForeverGeek.com, Livestrong.com and various others, he also currently serves as a senior writer for SplashPressMedia property BlogHerald.com where he reports on daily news in the social media sector.


Steven Hodson

bio to follow