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Report reveals that smartphones only have 26% of the global market

If you pay any attention to the tech blogosphere you would think that smartphones rule the world, that everyone and their grandmother has one. It turns out that this might not be the case if a new report from VisionMobile is any indication.

As expected they have found that the adoption of smartphones is pretty well a regional thing and that the highest penetration of smartphones is in those areas that have a high percentage of 3G wireless access as well as post-paid subscription plans.

America comes out on top with 63% adoption, 51% in Europe, 19% in Asia-Pacific, 18 percent in Africa and 17 percent in Latin America.

Android and iOS continue to duke it out for the leading spot among smartphones, but VisionMobile believes that there won’t be one clear winner as both have reached a critical mass in users as well as in their app ecosystems. This leaves Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and RIM’s BlackBerry to fight for the number three spot, if there’s even room for a third player.

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