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UK Online Newspapers Witness Declining Traffic

Mail Online

September wasn’t a good month to be a UK national newspaper. According to figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulation major newspapers in the country all witnessed declining site numbers including MailOnline which fell below the 70 million mark.

When compared to August numbers the Mirror Group digital saw average daily declines of 15.34 percent in average browsers and 15.7 percent in monthly traffic.

The audit also found that MailOnline was down in monthly traffic by 9.77 percent to 67,606,156 pageviews compared to August when the company experienced 75 million views.

Also down were the Telegraph (7.21 percent) and the Independent (.64 percent). The Telegraphs fall in traffic comes after August netted them their biggest browser figure to date with more than 40 million pageviews.

Not all major newspapers have reported site numbers at this time but the general consensus is that online news readers were visiting less news agency’s.