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Michael Arrington Gets Smacked Down In AOL Battle [Cartoon]

Tech Crunch and Arrianna Huffington Battle Animation

The team at Taiwan’s Next Media Animation has released their newest video and it’s a hilarious explanation of all the craziness that happened at AOL Huffington Post Media Group this week as TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington was fired at the request of Arianna Huffington.

The drama started when Arrington formed CrunchFund, a new venture capital firm that was placing money in the same company’s Arrington and his TechCrunch team wrote about, a move that angered journalists and many industry startups who felt they were being downgraded by TechCrunch if favor of Arrington invested companies.

At first AOL CEO Tim Armstrong defended Arrington, not a surprise as Armstrong has no idea how to run a content company, while Huffington later made it clear that her editorial control gave her the right to fire Arrington.

But let’s look past all the semantics of the situation, it’s hilarious to watch Michael Arrington in a wizard outfit getting pelted in the face with paintballs and then getting punched and kicked out of AOL offices by Huffington.

The TechCrunch team said this week that the site wouldn’t be the same without Arrington, I say good, perhaps it will improve because TC is in desperate need of some improvement.

I know at least one former TechCrunch writer who I will guarantee found this video hilarious, but I won’t out them, I’m sure you can figure it out on your own.