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New York City Sets Up Hyperlocal Weather Reporting Website For Residents

New York City Severe Weather

Officials in NYC over the weekend setup a hyperlocal website that allows users to submit damage reports from Hurricane Irene, while various not-for-profits also teamed up to offer the same type of hyperlocal effort for other parts of the East Cost.

Users can visit the NYC map which shows reports and photos of damage which includes downed trees and power lines along with road closures and other issues that arose after the storm made it’s way through the city.

The NYC Severe Weather site says:

“Let New York City and fellow New Yorkers know about weather conditions and service disruptions in your neighborhood. Share map points, photos, videos, and comments about Hurricane Irene. This is an information sharing site. NYC will not take action with regards to any posts, but will use the information to inform the City’s response to the hurricane. Because conditions are constantly changing during a storm, NYC will not verify the accuracy of these reports. To submit a formal service request to NYC, use 311. For emergency assistance, call 911.”

You can see the site HERE.

Hopefully the site will lead to more city offers of this type around the country, allowing residents to quickly update their friends and neighbors about issues in their area.