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CBS Web Writers Get First Ever Guild Contract

The Writers Guild of America, West, has signed a contract- the first ever of its kind- covering a group of CBS web writers.

The ratification was announced this week, but the contract between the trade organization and CBS writer-producers for web content came last week. The bargaining unit of 15 writers voted unanimously to join the guild back in July of 2009, but it took fifteen months for the group to hammer out a contract. Among other protections, the deal covers “increases in minimums and wages, a grievance procedure, paid vacations, holiday pay, and pension and health benefits,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In a statement, WGA, West representative Lynda Whittaker commented:

“We are proud to represent these talented professionals who write news, promotions, and create special projects for new media at CBS. They showed perseverance and guts in their fight for justice and respect.”

Under the terms of the deal, the writer-producers will also be granted layoff protections, discharge protections and negotiated severance pay. In a written statement, WGAW Representative Lynda Whittaker said:

“We are proud to represent these talented profesisonals who write news, promotions and create special projects for new media at CBS.”

Guild members at KCBS/KCAL stations will be hosting “Celebration of Solidarity” luncheons to celebrate the deal throughout the month of September.