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PMC, ION Team Up For ENTV, Entertainment News Across Several Platforms

Digital Media company PMC has paired off with ION Television for a new initiative in the “Hollywood news” vertical.

PMC, headed up by entrepreneur Jay Penske of Nikki Finke’s Deadline.com, will produce short 60-120 second long news segments with ION Television for distribution across a wide variety of platforms. The planned ENTV (Entertainment News Television) will serve up the type of content typical of sites like TMZ- but unlike the blog’s TV counterpart, segments will be far more brief and have a further reach than home viewers.

ION Media Networks’ major TV property ION Television has grown from a mostly infomercial-centric outfit to one that traffics heavily in syndication, drawing 99 million viewers per month. PMC recently brokered a deal that brought their content to 10,000 elevator screens in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco as well as several additional platforms.

Penske commented:

“It’s about taking breaking news stories and distributing them continually across as many platforms as possible, whether it’s on the Web, on television, or in elevators and taxi cabs.”

The channel will cover everything from breaking celebrity gossip- a high traffic draw on the internet- to industry trade talk such as box office receipts. Brandon Burgess, chief executive of ION Media Networks, said the plan is to include the gossip content alongside the industry updates to appeal to a far larger potential audience.

“The key to success with this deal will be picking stories that appeal to that broader audience, not just inside Hollywood—like what Charlie Sheen is up to, or who is being cast in the next ‘Spiderman’ movie.”

Confirmed ENTV contributors include gossip magazine veteran Bonnie Fuller, Michael Ausiello of TVLine.com, and Nikki Finke of Deadline.com, who will be providing voiceover content for the network.