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The Latest Magazine to Go Digital is… ‘Reader’s Digest?’ Seriously?

This has to be some kind of watershed moment in the current paradigm shift of how periodical content is distributed and consumed by its audience.

Reader’s Digest is- and I will try to describe this as charitably as possible- kind of like what an email forward from your aunt would look like in print form. If you have never encountered a copy on the side-table at your great-grandmother’s house, essentially, I would be surprised if each and every article did not end with, “lend this issue out to ten of your friends or you too will experience a rash of bad luck!”

That is to say that the glossy has its audience. But did you think very many of them are rocking iPads? The publishers of Reader’s Digest seem to think so. As a matter of fact, confirms Dan Lagani of the company, the initiative to publish the magazine via iPad happens to have come from Reader’s Digest subscribers themselves. Langani says he anticipates more of the titles sub-brands “becoming available via iPad subscription—both in the U.S. and around the world” and paidContent.org notes that the mag is the top selling title in Amazon’s Kindle store.

Interestingly, the cost to subscribe through the app to the magazine’s digital edition is $15 a year (or $2 a month, at $24 a year), which is a bit more costly than the print prices being offered on the site. Digital subscriptions will, however, not come bundled with their print counterparts. Print subscribers will be grandfathered in for six months before the iPad app goes paid-only.