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RIM Jumps on Spotify Bandwagon, Reportedly Looking at Streaming Music Service for BlackBerry

With the July launch of music streaming service Spotify, it looks like the newly-available handset streaming functionality portion of the service for iPhone and Android could be kicking off a wave of competition among other providers.

Yesterday it was announced that Rhapsody had paired off with MetroPCS for what essentially looks like a pared down yet analogously priced version of Spotify Mobile. Now RIM- who by all accounts could use a bit of a boost- is reportedly getting in the streaming music game.

BlackBerry has suffered with the rise of the iPhone and subsequently the Android as a less-versatile, enterprise only device. Perhaps the rumored music service RIM is looking at for BlackBerry could help propel the brand further for more entertainment focused users- but the thing is, no one really knows what RIM is considering, and all information on the initiative is speculative.

The Wall Street Journal says:

“[People in contact with RIM executives] said that subscribers would get access to a fixed number of songs, which they could listen to on their phones and share with friends via BlackBerry Messenger… According to people who have discussed the service with RIM executives… the BlackBerry service is supposed to help younger users “customize” their phones and share their preferences with friends.”

Another interesting facet of the rumor is cost- it is said the BlackBerry service will be less expensive than Spotify and Rhapsody apps for mobile. The service is believed to have more of a social bent than strictly content streaming services, and an announcement could come late this week or early next week. RIM executives would not comment on the buzz.