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Huffington Post Launches Women and Parents Channels

The AOL Huffington Post Media Group on Monday announced the arrival of two new sites, Huffpost Women and Huffpost Parents.

The Huffpost Womens section which can be found at huffingtonpost.com/women is being edited by Margaret Wheeler Johnson who has worked on the editorial staffs of Babble.com and Vogue, and has written for Slate, DoubleX, Alternet, and The Financial Times. The new women’s site is being touted as a “destination for women eager to explore and engage around ideas about success and fulfillment.” The women’s section will feature original video, commentary, and women’s news coverage, as well as career, money, and relationship advice, and moving personal stories.

Speaking of the new site Wheeler Johnson wrote:

“In addition to offering news and insight on subjects important to women, the goal of HuffPost Women is to incorporate more female voices into the larger conversations being had across all of our verticals. We’re a platform women can stand on while telling the stories that matter to them, and we’re making sure those stories get heard loud and clear.”

The HuffPost Parents section located at huffingtonpost.com/parents will be edited by Farah Miller who most recently spent time as the deputy editor for digital at OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Miller has also served as the senior web editor for Hearst’s O, The Oprah Magazine, as well as an editor/producer at Conde Nast’s Brides.com and iVillage.

According to an AOL press release:

“The Parent site covers the joys, challenges and complexities of modern parenthood, with expert advice on issues that parents care about, including work/life balance and the effects of technology on modern family life. The site, which launches Wednesday, covers parenting of children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. It offers original reported pieces, essays videos, slide shows, blog posts, interactive infographics, and more.”

Huffington Post Founder and Editor-In-Chief Arianna Huffington said of the new sites:

“We’re delighted to introduce HuffPost Women,” while adding “a site for women looking to redefine success and what it means to live a healthy, happy, well-rounded life. It will highlight an approach to living that centers on the happiness that comes from feeling good by doing good; that draws attention to the importance of ‘unplugging and recharging’; that cheers on the continued shattering of glass ceilings; and that embraces a fearless attitude about work, love, money, beauty, relationships, and friendships.”

Huffington continued by noting:

“HuffPost Women and HuffPost Parents will be part of a highly social community where people can connect, swap ideas, and lend support. HuffPost Parents is a place where parents can come together and share their experiences — from the heartfelt to the hilarious, from the useful to the purely entertaining.”

Given the success of the sites “Divorce” channel and their ability to attract top notch talent in the industry niches they launch new site sections within, we should expect to see a decent amount of content from the Womens and Parents channels in the coming weeks. While the HuffPost Women section has already launched, the HuffPost Parents section won’t go live until Wednesday.

Among the Women sites first articles is a piece about women who turn to “sugar daddy’s” to pay off college loan debt and a piece on “When Mothers Leave” which explores an increasing phenomenon in which moms are walking away from their families at an increasing rate. What the site will focus on in the future is left to our imagination.