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38% of YouTube Visitors Watched Vevo Content in July

Analysis of traffic on YouTube in July reveals that music videos are a big driver of visits for the video site, with one provider’s content watched by nearly 40% of visitors last month.

Vevo, a joint venture between Sony, Universal and Abu Dhabi Media, brought in some major YouTube traffic in July, with 38% of visitors watching some Vevo videos while surfing YouTube. Warner Music came in second with 20% of viewers playing their content at some point during the month. The data, which will be released in further detail later this week, was compiled by rankings service ComScore and also measured factors like viewer age and time spent watching a channel’s content.

Only a “select group” of YouTube content providers were included in the rankings, so they’re not entirely a comprehensive look at the site’s viewership. But the probe did reveal certain worthwhile stats overall- such as the average total amount of time users spent on the site each month, at 22.5 minutes. YouTube Senior Product Manager Baljeet Singh said the ComScore study was “part of [YouTube’s] strategy to provide flexibility to our partners,” and that the site’s new channel initiative would include some ComScore data.

Demand Media, the Associated Press, Hearst Television and BBC Worldwide were among the site’s top channels in July as well, with 15.2 million, 6.6 million, 3.1 million and 2 million viewers, respectively.