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Netflix Launches Kids Section For Streaming Video on the Web

Netflix streaming is a really kid (and, let’s face it, parent) friendly feature, allowing children to select and stream a ton of child-friendly content to laptops, iPods and via devices like the Wii.

However, littler kids especially could have difficulty navigating the service, despite it being well-seeded with titles like SpongeBob Squarepants, Danny Phantom, Dora the Explorer and Phineas and Ferb. But Netflix is throwing a bone to family users, adding a special tab at the top of its main site titled “Just For Kids,” and grouping all the rugrat content away from such hits as Zombie Strippers.

Alas, the new service is web-only right now, and may not hit devices like the Wii or PlayStation 3 until early next year. According to Netflix, more than half of the 25 million streaming customers have viewed two or more kids shows in the past three months, and VP of Product Innovation Todd Yellin said the new feature is specifically geared to kids’ searching and streaming habits:

“Kids discover and categorize movies and TV shows differently than adults… Just as we have revolutionized the way people find the movies and shows they want to watch when and how they want to, we’re making it easier for kids and parents alike to have the best possible Netflix experience.”

To ensure the content selected for Netflix’s “Just For Kids” section was suitable, the service consulted with non-profit content ratings firm Common Sense Media. Hopefully next up- a “Just For Parents” section guaranteed to be free of iCarly?