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P&G Inks Deal With Bauer Media, Old Media Receives New Media Advertising

FHM Collections

When we talk about old media on Medacity we typically talk about how publications are coming into the New Media age, launching websites, improving the reach of archaic websites they already own, and so on, however sometimes it’s new media that jumps platforms and interacts with old media standards such as print and that’s what happened this week when P&G announced a new partnership with Bauer Media.

Under terms of the new deal every editorial page of FHM fashion spin-off Collections will carry Lacoste branding which can be accessed by scanning the pages included augmented reality (AR) code.

On every page of the twice yearly men’s fashion magazine the AR codes will be used to offer further information about products, provide shopping opportunities to readers and give other offers to people who scan the codes on their Smartphones.

The AR codes will kick off in the September 1 issue of Collections and will also feature nine pages of Lacoste apparel.

Old media has largely been failing because users have quicker and often free access to web content, but another huge factor is that users simply can’t interact with their favorite magazines in print form short of a letter to the editor, with this type of content interactivity is given to users in a new form they might be willing to explore just to experience the technology being offered.

It will be interesting to see what type of CTR the magazine receives based off an estimated number of readers.