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NewsDrink Launches News Discovery Service In Private Beta, Delivers 30,000 Publications

NewsDrink has announced the private beta launch of their publication-centric news discovery and delivery service. Using the service customers can browse and subscribe to their favorite publications while discovering stories from those publications on a growing variety of device.

The sites goal is simple, to deliver RSS type functionality to the 97% of the population that never figured out how RSS feeds and RSS readers worked.

Using the system users can browse through and add 30,000 different publications found in 2000 different topics. Using the system users can browse feeds in a matter of seconds, add them to their account and share them among friends.

According to the company they are currently serving one of the largest collections of categorized, immediately available publications ever assembled with 1000+ magazines, 20,000+ blogs and hundreds of leading websites from six different countries.

After finding and subscribing to publication feeds users can use the website or choose an Android app or email service option, while in two weeks time the company will release their iPad, iPhone and Blackberry Apps.

Let’s take a quick walk through of the apps setup.

1. Users choose which type of publication they would like to explore such as “Newspaper” or even “Scholarly Blogs.”

2. After choosing the type of publication users then choose the region they would like to explore. I chose “United States” after choosing “News & Aggregators.”

3. After I chose United States the main News & Aggregator sites were listed. At which point I chose “Google News.”

4. After choosing “Google News” I was then given various feeds from the company. In the case of Google News I could choose “World” or “Most Popular” feeds among others. Each website is divided based upon the RSS feeds they offer via their services.

Once the feed is setup users then have two choices, the first choice shows the most recent stories from all of the users collected fees. Notice on the left side of the screenshot below that Google News and Huffington Post feeds I setup are showing, while the right side shows the publish times and sources.

Finally, users can also choose the “Sources” link at the top right side of the page and then on the left side check and uncheck sources to show only certain news feeds at any given moment.

Overall it took me approximately 2 minutes to sign up on the website and add three sources, I still have plenty to explore and I’ll be patiently awaiting the company’s iPhone app.

Give NewsDrink a try today and let us know what you think.