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Comcast Jumps Into Streaming Video Game, Yet Another Netflix Competitor Emerges

Comcast XFinity Streampix

Cable TV provider Comcast has jumped into the streaming movies and TV show game, announcing plans to take on current streaming leader Netflix.

The new service called Xfinity Streampix will only be available to Comcast customers for $5 a month while higher end package users will receive the service for free.

While $5 is cheaper then Netflix’ $7.99 per month plan that service doesn’t require over-priced Comcast cable TV service, so you can enjoy watching TV with these services and you can also choose from these editor’s choice for best ceiling tv mounts to install your TV as well.

Included in the new Comcast program are such programs as 30 RockGrey’s AnatomyOcean’s 11Brokeback Mountain.

Comcast says it isn’t trying to compete with Netflix since the service is only available to Comcast homes, the company adds it’s “nevertheless a shot across the bow of the upstart web streamer—threatening to take away some of its subscribers.”

In a retaliation of sorts Netflix on Tuesday announced a new deal that secures the company rights to stream Weinstein Co. movies over the next several years.

Would you jump from Netflix to Comcast Xfinity Streampix once the program fully launches?