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Facebook To Reach 1 Billion Users In August [Report]

Facebook is on course to reach a huge milestone in August 2012, that’s the month in which the social network is expected to pass the 1 billion users plateau. In case your not familiar with our planet’s currently population that’s nearly 1/7th the number of people currently living on Earth.

After some number crunching on behalf of the company’s growth iCrossing analyst Gregory Lyons said his own linear regression analysis shows the August 1 billion mark.

Here’s a look at the Lyons created graph:

Facebook Chart - One Billion Users

While Lyons admits in a blog entry that U.S. and U.K. has slowed and nearly stopped Facebook is picking up steam in India and Brazil which in turn should push up the number of users on Facebook. In fact only 3% of India’s population currently use Facebook and 16% of Brazil has jumped on board.

In comparison Twitter has around 100 million active users and Google+ is believed to have around 49 million active users.

With Experian Hitwise predicting 400 million users will flock to Google+ by the end of 2012 the 1 billion mark is looking ever more important for Google.