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SpotOn Radio Allows iOS Spotify Users To Stream Radio With Unlimited Skips

SpotON Radio

One of my biggest problems with the Pandora music service is the fact that after a few skips I’m told their license won’t allow for any more skipping. With SpotOn Radio for Spotify however that problem is solved since Spotify doesn’t have such a ridiculous license in place.

Currently available as a third-party radio application for iOS devices the program allows users to create personalized radio stations on their iOS device which then mixes your Spotify favorite tracks with similar songs.

Users can download the app and then log in using their Spotify or Facebook login credentials at which point the music discovery and creation process begins.

Here are a few of the features outlined via the Spotify blog:

  • Create personalized radio stations based on any artist
  • Like and dislike songs to fine tune your stations entirely to your own taste
  • Add new tracks or export the entire stations’ history directly into your Spotify playlists
  • You can skip as many songs as you like

The program has two huge pluses, first it uses the Spotify music catalog which is gigantic and then it runs on EchoNest’s song recommendation engine.

Unfortunately to use the program you have to be a Spotify Premium member ($9.99/month). In the meantime the iPhone app is currently free and can be found HERE or through the App Store by searching for “SpotON Radio.”

Here’s a quick look at the music output, it’s really a beautiful looking output:

SpotOn Radio In Action