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Dish to Unleash 2TB Kangaroo-Themed Hopper/Joey Boxes, Can Store 8 Days of Primetime

dish hopper

Dish Networks (which is, incidentally, dropping the “Networks” and just going by “Dish”) unveiled a new multi-room DVR system at CES, called Hopper.

The Hopper system has a cool feature, which is additional boxes called Joeys, which can go in several rooms in a household. Impressively, the system has 2 terabytes of storage, and can auto-record up to eight days of primetime shows on major networks, giving viewers a chance to watch the programs at their leisure rather than racing against a rapidly shrinking DVR storage cache or risking deleting unwatched shows. (Sure, these are first world problems, but it’s nice to be able to use a service you paid for- and at about $80 a month, Dish’s Hopper isn’t mega-cheap.)

Regarding the new products, Dish said:

“While other DVRs in the industry have limited DVR sharing capabilities, the Hopper and Joey system offers the ability, from up to four rooms, to manage their DVR, record and play back HD shows, and watch live HD programs.”

Indeed, it’s very cool to see that the company is thinking forward and opening up viewing options to users to match existing technology instead of artificially limiting it. Would you get Dish’s Hopper if it were available in your area?