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WB Hops Into Photo Sharing Game With Out My Window

out my window photo sharing

It looks like Warner Bros. is entering the realm of twee, ephemeral photo sharing sites like Flickr and Instagram, as Fusible has observed a pending project from the company called Out My Window.

Little is known about Out My Window, and a brief statement on says basically nothing about the upcoming service:

A perfect picture. The urge to share it. From my view to your view. From my phone to your TV. With Out My Window, our photographs will always weave the stories of our lives together.

According to Fusible, more than a dozen patents were filed by Warner Bros. in late December covering a range of areas related to photo sharing, including “peer-to-peer photo and video sharing services, digital enhancement of photographs, digital imaging software, providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable software and applications, and of course, social networking services provided via the internet.”

Out My Window is likely to be heavily integrated with social media, as evidenced by the most recent patent filing in relation to the service, which covers:

“Social networking services provided via the internet and other electronic communications networks; Providing on-line computer databases and on-line searchable databases in the field of social networking; Providing a website on the internet for the purpose of social networking.”

You can sign up over on Out My Window to be notified when the service is ready to be launched.