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Parents Naming Daughters After Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington

Parents like to choose their children’s name based off whatever the news deems popular at any given time, in 2011 for example William, Kate and Pippa were all big choices and it turns out that one of the biggest names belongs to HuffingtonPost founder Arianna Huffington.

Forbes’ Jeff Bercovici spoke with Linda Murray, the editor-in-chief of BabyCenter and discovered that the name “Arianna” skyrocketed in 2011, ranking 32nd on the list of most popular baby names for girls.

Since there isn’t many famous people named Arianna and considering she dominated headlines in the latter part of 2011 when her HuffingtonPost publication sold to AOL for $315 million it’s safe to assume her celebrity has led to an increase in the number of parents naming their daughters Arianna.

With Huffington being named by some experts as the heir apparent CEO at AOL should Tim Armstrong step down or be replaced it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that parents look up to her business savvy and have chosen to give their daughters the name of a powerful media mogul.

Do you think the Arianna naming trend is a bit silly?