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AOL Still Charging Unsuspecting Customers For Email

AOL Email Account

In case you haven’t heard the good news email is now free, I know that might sound ridiculous to mention but as it turns out some AOL customers have been paying for their AOL.com email addresses for the last decade without even realizing they were being charged.

News of this email ridiculous surfaced on Wednesday when TechCrunch spoke with AOL customer Traci Casale, a former AOL dial-up customer who simply never stopped paying for the company’s software package after she abandoned dial-up for a high-speed internet connection.

“One day I just looked at, you know, you’re going through your bills and every bit helps right now and I’m like, ‘Why am I paying for email? No one else is.”

Now I’m not one to judge a persons technical savvy, I fully understand that many people simply don’t understand the advanced that have been made over the years, but the real culprit is AOL.  It turns out that when the company was rolling out its Project Phoenix mail product in 2010 a bunch of employees wanted to alert customers that it was free, a suggestion that was shot down by company executives who wanted to keep profits up for their 3.5 misinformed dial-up customers.

In a funny turn of events this is how AOL PR describes their product:

“AOL Mail is a web-based product that is free to all users regardless of their paid relationship with us.”