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Facebook 2012: Ron Paul Winning ‘Web Caucus’

ron paul facebook web caucus

It’s probably not news if you’ve got a substantial number of Facebook friends who dig on Ron Paul, but the engagement surrounding the GOP c-c-c-combo breaker is insanely high compared to other people and things.

Something about Ron Paul gets supporters (and detractors) worked up, even if he came in third in Iowa last night. A group analyzing web chatter surrounding candidates says Paul is outpacing not only other GOP candidates, but also President Obama and popular brands like Coke when it comes to social media engagement.

NPR spoke with the social media statisticians, and one commented:

“The amount of interactions are just insane,” said Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab. “Ten percent of Paul’s Facebook fans are talking about him. The average for brands like Coca-Cola is just 1 percent.”

Still, social media engagement doesn’t always translate to ballot box activity, as Tuesday night made clear in Iowa. Rick Santorum was far less popular on social media sites, with notably less engagement- as well as a massive “Google problem”- but came out far ahead of Paul in the polls.