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‘Best of Reddit 2011’ Voting is Open, Nominate Your Favorite Content

best of reddit 2011

If you’re an avid Redditor, you know Reddit can be a treasure trove of valuable information on virtually any subject under the sun.

Some of my personal favorites are r/keto, a catchall for low-carb eaters, r/collapse, a linkdump about all things pre-apocalypse, and r/longdistance, which is a repository for long distance relationship support. (R/ladyboners is pretty awesome for a daily collection of sexy man-meat, as well.) The beauty of Reddit is that the content presented on your front page is tailored to your very specific interests, as my list illustrates.

So the content viewed is often dependent on the viewer, a fact Reddit’s staff is cognizant of- and the mods are culling content for Reddit’s Best of 2011 lists. In a blog post, Erik Martin (hueypriest) writes:

…this is supposed to cover the entire year, so try not to be too biased in favor of recent memory. Try to dig up cool things that happened earlier in the year. Nominations will close on January 11th at 11:11pm PST and we’ll announce the finalists a day or two later in a final runoff round.

Per the post, categories are:

What was your favorite Reddit moment of 2011?