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BitFlx Brings Hyperlocal Video Reporting To iPhone Users, Android Coming Soon

BitFlx Instructions

Hyperlocal sites such as Patch.com and Outside.In allow users to write news stories about their local communities, however we currently live in a video centric society and for that reason BitFlx was thought up and initiated.

BitFlx is an iPhone app that allows users to shoot videos, geo-tag those videos and then share their videos with other people in their geographical location thanks to the magic of location based servicing.

Developed by Sebastian Andreatta and Gary Geschwind the program was created to power local community events from local Football games to car accidents spotted by citizen journalists. The app developers envision their program being used to review food at local hotspots, capture major news footage and provide general community information in the form of video, essentially creating hyperlocal news video stations.

According to Andreatta:

“Being able to communicate in a more meaningful way with the people around you, the friends that are nearby, the neighborhood, can be pretty powerful.”

While the program and accompanying website can allow for news reporting, the developers also want it to be a community outreach program, helping people find lost pets, letting neighbors know the garbage truck is down the street and just communicating in general. By opening up the platform to interaction and reporting the developers want to create an interactive news experience that brings community to the forefront.

For citizen journalists attempting to find where stories are currently breaking the program offers a map with various pins that include “Your Location” the location of your friends, the location of local merchants (for whom news has been posted) and a location for everyone to check out. The program also allows users to browse local news in a list format and even choose time frames for news they want to check out based on time or date requirements.

Since the program acts as a citizen news site it also allows users to delete their posts if they choose, while viewers can leave comments on videos to create a sense of stronger community.

Currently the program is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users with quick post and Facebook sharing options, while an Android version is currently in the works and will arrive sometime in the future.

Just remember that the program has just recently launched which means community videos are still sparse but it’s definitely worth a closer look.

Visit the official BitFlx website to learn more.


  • Mjbrowatz


    Bitflx offers college students paid internships, and then never pays!

  • jamiev



  • “but part of the effort was to have people promote the app – it wasn’t just to post a handful of videos. Near as I can tell you only posted a small number of videos – amounting to minutes of work – that’s great but not what we were looking for – we were expecting a stronger effort to have friends and others sign up and download the app. This was made clear at all the meeting we had.” not quite a quantifiable ground to decide not to pay a person the agreed amount

  • The agreement was I would be pai a $300 stipend to promote this app. Now Bitflx is telling me that I didn’t promote it well enough, so after much speculation they offered me $100 to shut me up. Well I’ll promote this app alright.


  • MJBrowatz

    This company hired two other students and myself from CCSF as interns, offering a 300$ a month stipend. Now they are refusing to pay, and recruiting other college students as we speak under similar pretenses!

    If you want to stand up against intern exploitation, please post a comment stating that this is not okay!

  • Esmith2

    Boy, seems like this app is doomed fail

  • “Too bad you only know their part of the story

    What happened is that we asked them to push our app to their friends, which they didn’t get one single friend lined up and take videos

    We estimate they spent about 1 hour working for us

    I think you should not take everything you read at face value until you have both sides of the story

    Now I would like you to either pull your notice or correct it”

    – How does one estimate 1 hour of work? I attended every meeting, I was enthusiastic, and obviously I have wonderful promoter skills. I offered to settle for $300 as promised for 1 months worth of work, but because Bitflx feels I wasn’t good enough, they want to give 100. That was not in the agreement, which makes this illegal.

  • Patricia

    Rumor has it that you’re not paying your interns. True or false?

  • Beccaahammen