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Singapore Press Holdings Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Yahoo

Yahoo Sued by SPH Group

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) on Wednesday filed a copyright infringement against Yahoo! claiming that the company plagiarized the company’s various publications.

SPH, owners of the Singapore Straits Times and various other publications filed their suit to fight a counterclaim filed by Yahoo! Southeast Asia last month in which they alleged that SPH properties were plagiarizing Yahoo! owned content.

In their filing SPH wrote:

“SPH is determined to pursue this suit vigorously and to protect its copyrighted works.”

“It cannot allow a third party to plagiarize its works without regard to the effort and resources that go into producing its content.”

In November SPH said they would file a lawsuit against Yahoo! over copyright claims, accusations that Yahoo denied before filing their own December 13 counterclaim which states that facts and information is not protected by copyright law.  Yahoo’s claim specifically points at SPH owned website STOMP which Yahoo says published its articles and pictures without permission.

Meanwhile SPH has made the same argument against Yahoo.

Both Yahoo! and the Singapore Straight Times are large sources of news based content in the region and both publications offer their online content free of charge to consumers.