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Yahoo Extends Facebook Stories Sharing, Hopes To Engage Longer With Readers

Yahoo Facebook Sharing on OMG

Yahoo on Wednesday announced the expansion of their Yahoo stories sharing feature via the Facebook social network. Originally launched for the company’s news section the sharing feature will now be included in 26 parts of Yahoo’s site including entertainment news section OMG along with games, movies and television channels.

Yahoo executives are hoping that by allowing a user to share directly to their Facebook page with very little effort on their own part it will give them more reason to stick around and use its services, thereby selling more advertising space.

According to the company since they implemented Yahoo stories sharing three months ago traffic to their news section from Facebook and tripled.

So far nearly 12 million people have opted into the active sharing service for news stories, a feature that is particularly popular among young adults from 18 to 24-years-old.

Facebook sharing up until this time was not available on two of the company’s most popular portals; finance and sports, both of which will likely receive the active Facebook sharing feature in early 2012.

Do you find the Yahoo stories sharing feature for Facebook to be a convenient way to share what you’ve been reading with your Facebook friends or is it a bit intrusive for your tastes?