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Call 1-917-408-Fred To Star In An Online Cartoon

Fred Cartoon

The creators of huge kid and adult based hits The Fairly OddParents, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and Johnny Bravo have been creating hits for years and now they want to make one lucky fan into their very own cartoon.

Fred Seibert’s Channel Frederator is making a new holiday video and they want user generated feedback to help them direct the cartoon.  According to Channel Frederator Brad O’Farrell:

“We’re using social media to create a conversation about the content we’re featuring. We’re using a Google Voice number to get feedback on the cartoons we’re linking to on Tumblr and Twitter and then incorporating that voicemail audio into the YouTube episodes of Channel Frederator, which will serve as the lead-in and interstitials on a YouTube playlist.

In the future we hope to be able to incorporate YouTube’s new broadcast feature to send out links of other people’s cartoons to our subscribers, along with the Google Voice number, so that the full interactive experience of the show could be had entirely on YouTube, rather than requiring a combination of YouTube and other sites.”

The Frederator voicemail program has been incorporated on various occasions since 2007.

Will you be calling into the creators for a chance at cartoon glory?