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The Atlantic Launches New Health Channel to Augment Web Brand

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One and a half century old publication The Atlantic has adapted well to the medium of web-publishing- beating out much younger titles in its transition to digital publishing- and announced earlier this week that it is adding to its web content offerings with a new channel focused on health.

Taking over for the current “Life” channel, the “Health” channel will encompass “mind, body, food, sex, family, and public health,” according to AdWeekEditorial director of Atlantic Digital Bob Cohn says the property made the decision based on traffic patterns, and noted that the addition of a channel focused on health enables The Atlantic to delve further into “service content.” Cohn says:

“We’re going from health being a subset of the Life channel to realizing it is a subject of huge interest to readers and where there are things happening [that] we should be on top of… It’s a mix of news and at the center of news and personal service, whichis a good place to be on the Web.”

The Atlantic’s new “Health” channel is now live, and Cohn said that other, similar forays into further verticals are planned in 2012.