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Glenn Beck’s Web Network to Launch Survivalist Reality Show on GBTV

GBTV independence USA

Fox News pundit turned web TV pioneer Glenn Beck is putting out a reality show for his site GBTV- following a survivalist family as they prepare themselves for the possibility of unrest and self-sufficiency in the event of societal collapse.

Even when on mainstream TV, Beck liked to insinuate to viewers that impending doom was right around the corner, and the upcoming Independence USA seems to skip right ahead to the dystopia scenario. Deadline.com got a statement from President of Programming at GBTV Joel Cheatwood, who said:

“Independence USA is the perfect way for GBTV to enter the reality genre and promises to be an entertaining and informative look at how one family tries to grapple with their concerns for America.”

According to the site, the show will cover such scenarios as attempting to make a car run on wood for when gas is no longer available, homebrewing hooch for barter and hunting jaunts to deal with an interrupted or non-existent food supply. Independence USA premieres on January 18th, about when winter-related depression hits its peak worldwide.