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New York Times App Launches For iOS Devices

New York Times Election App

The New York Times on Thursday released a 2012 Election App for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Curated by a Times editor the app is meant to act as a news feed and includes blog posts, videos, tweets from external sources and other bits and pieces of information from the campaign trail.

According to the New York Times the app provides syndicated political Op-Eds, editorials and NYT blogs including The Caucus and Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight.

While the mobile app is free to download the bulk of its content can only be access by Times subscribers including a special Election Guide. Non-Times subscribers will however be able to view the top six stories and the content can also be downloaded from a desktop browser here.

In a statement about the app the company revealed their motives:

“Our goal is for the Election 2012 App to be the destination for people turning to their phones to stay on top of the most important campaign stories of the moment,” and “There is a mountain of political news and information out there. We’re trying to make it easier for people by pairing The Times’s distinguished political coverage with a curated take on the best stories from around the Web and the social-media universe.”

Much like the company’s already available “highlighted stories first” feature on their Facebook app users will see the most important stories posted since they last opened the application.

Apple users with iOS 4.0 or later can download the application

Are you planning to use the New York Times mobile election application to follow the 2012 election cycle?