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Regretsy PayPal Saga Continues- PayPal Donates $100 Per Affected Family

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It seems that after a blogosphere storm of publicity (all negative) and mass reader outcry, the Regretsy Secret Santa debacle starring PayPal has reached a conclusion that is satisfactory for all parties involved- and cost the payment processing service about $20,000 for their agent’s attitude.

Regretsy posted a quick update today with a note from PayPal confirming their request of a donation of $100 to the 200 families that had been selected to receive gifts and or donations, posting PayPal’s full message:

“We are happy to offer you $100 donations to each of the 200 families you were planning to support this holiday season. I hope this helps to ease the stress and inconvenience our error has caused. I want you to know that we’re all sincerely sorry for this mistake.”

Regretsy adds:

We are working on the details now, but I am very, very happy that we’ve come to an agreement. We have already shipped the toys and the personalized letters from Santa, so everything is on schedule.

Hopefully, none of the families will be affected by the delay when all is said and done, and more hopefully, PayPal will be on the defensive when it comes to arbitrary account holds after this incident, and fewer users will be financially affected by random PayPal- as Regretsy would say- “fuckery.” Do you think PayPal made up for their actions? Will the resolution buy back some loyalty?