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XBox Live Update Returns Error Code 3524 0000 0080 0200 8015 1909 For Many Users

xbox live update december 6  3524 0000 0080 0200 8015 1909

If you follow the @majornelson Twitter account and are an XBox Live user, you probably know an update to the service was scheduled today.

You also probably have had at least some issues if you’ve tried to access it. Users across the web are reporting delays or denials when trying to get the new XBox Live Dashboard update, and the wide-ranging issues have been acknowledged by XBox team member Larry Hyrb on the official account. At around 7PM EST, Hyrb tweeted:

Sorry for the dash launch delay. Good news: first set of customers will be getting the Xbox LIVE update within the next few hours.

It looked hopeful at around 9PM EST, when he followed up with:

We are a go! The #XboxUpdate is currently on its way to all 35 million Xbox LIVE members around the world… We apologize for today’s delay and hope that you will be thrilled with your new Xbox experience. #XboxUpdate

Immediately, Hyrb added that the update was “in the process of rolling out to all members,” but two hours later, tweeted:

Some Xbox LIVE members are getting a connection error when signing in to LIVE. We are aware of the issue and the team is working it!

His final tweet for the evening as of now read:

To keep track of any issues with Xbox LIVE, keep an eye on this status page http://mjr.mn/s2xaIf

However, the page linked to by Hyrb fails to load, making its content unavailable to users who are unable to install the XBox Live update. Have you been receiving the error code 3524 0000 0080 0200 8015 1909 when trying to connect?