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Local Yokel Media Launches Hyperlocal Ad Marketplace

New ad agency Local Yokel Media has launched with the claim that it is the Internet’s first hyperlocal online ad marketplace specializing in monetizing hyperlocal ad impressions.

Local Yokel Media allows local or national business serving a specific area to target audiences on hyperlocal sites.

“Hyperlocal content, specifically, community-level content being produced both by individuals and institutions, has proliferated as local coverage by more traditional, offline local media organizations has waned. It is said that 80% of consumer spending happens within 20 miles of home. This presents a compelling ad targeting opportunity for local, regional and national brands looking to target extremely tight geographies” Dick O’Hare, Local Yokel Media’s CEO and Founder said in a statement.

“We have found this level of local contextual relevance drives ad performance. In some instances, it can even outperform search engine marketing.”

Full release here.