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Storify Teams Up With BreakingNews.com And @BreakingNews Twitter Account

New media narrative creation site Storify has announced a new partnership with Twitter account @BreakingNews and BreakingNews.com which are owned and operated by MSNBC.

The Storify system allows users to create news narratives by combining information from Twitter, Facebook status updates, YouTube, Flickr and other sources.

Setting up the new partner account is simple, just log into your Storify account, go to settings and choose the Breakingnews.com logo which appears alongside the other available networks and drag then drop the BreakingNews logo into your selected sources and those updates will immediately begin appearing in your Storify account.

Storify - Breaking News Addition

BreakingNews.com has also made it easy for Storify users to create immediately timelines by adding the storify button to the BreakingNews website.

Breaking News Storify Button

[images: Journalism.co.uk]