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U.S. Viewers Set Record, Watch 42.6 Billion Online Videos In October 2011

Video Content viewing October 2011

New statistics from the U.S. comScore Video Metrix have been revealed and U.S. viewers have set a new monthly record by watching just shy of 42.6 billion online videos in October 2012.

Based on those numbers the average web surfer viewed 21.1 hours of online content with the largest percentage of those users coming from Googles sites (mostly from YouTube) which picked up 161 million unique viewers who consumed 20.9 billion videos.

In second place directly behind Google was VEVO with just shy of 57 million unique visitors viewing 827 million videos.

Finishing in third place based off total videos viewed was Hulu who despite a user based of just 29.2 million unique visitors managed to serve 791+ million videos. Hulu also offered the second strongest “time on site” numbers with 202.2 minutes of viewed video time.

Microsoft sites took the fourth place spot with 49 million unique visitors who checked out just over 661 million online videos.

In fifth place was Yahoo! sites who’s nearly 44 million unique visitors consumed 551.6 million videos, beating out Viacom who actually had more unique visitors (48 million) but only 541 million video views.

Rounding out the top 7 was Facbook which despite a higher unique visitors total (59.8 million) managed to fall far shy of the fifth place finisher Viacom with just 346 million online video views despite a user base that has managed to pass 800 million.

While overall video views is an important metrics in determining the popularity of a video viewing website, the number of video adverts provides the best example of a company’s business success and in that arena Hulu was the biggest champion.

Hulu served 1.36 billion ads in October 2011, far ahead of second place ad server Tremor Video with just shy of 1.1 billion ads and third place provider BrightRoll Video Network that ended just over 750 million video ads served.

Online Video Ads Served

Do any of the numbers from the comScore Video metrix surprise you?