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Twilio CEO Tries To Buy Yahoo Using WePay Donations Page, Offers Board Member Positions

Yahoo For Sale

Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson wants to buy Yahoo for $18 billion and to reach that goal he has decided to skip private equity firms and instead raise the money using a grassroots campaign.

Lawon this week started a WePay donations page that asks users to donate the needed capital to buy the company. According to the page if that sum isn’t reached in 26 days all of the money raised will be giving to the charity Water (charitywater.org)

In a bit of tomfoolery the Twilio CEO writes:

Looks like Yahoo!’s for sale again. We’re raising money for a bid to buy Yahoo! early next year. Learn more about Yahoo! at www.yahoo.com.

While we’re extremely optimistic that we can raise enough to buy Yahoo!, if our bid isn’t accepted, then we’ll donate the money to Charity: Water to provide clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Learn more about Charity: Water at www.charitywater.org/

Disclaimer: this is not affiliated with WePay. I started this and will make sure the money goes to the charity that’s most willing to accept the offer (Yahoo! or Charity: Water)

In a bit of marketing fun Lawson is offering buyers the chance to own a bit of Yahoo in return for their bid:

$20 gets you a share of Yahoo.

For $100, you can be a vice president.

For $500, you get to be a board member (or provide clean drinking water for 25 people for 20 years).

At the time of this posting $495.00 has been raised, likely from individuals who wanted to donate to the charity and not in an attempt to buy the content firm.

You can Donate here and then brag to your friends that you put in a big to buy Yahoo today.