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Singapore Company Sues Yahoo! For Copyright Infringement

Yahoo Singapore Employees

Yahoo! Inc. says it will “rigorously defend” itself against a copyright infringement lawsuit brought against the firm by Singapore Press Holdings, the countries largest print media outlet.

According to the lawsuit Yahoo! has been reproducing content from the company’s newspapers without first gaining proper republishing rights.

The lawsuit claims that Yahoo! for the last year has reposted articles from The Straits Times, New Paper and My Paper newspapers while the lawsuit goes on to give 23 examples of “stolen” material.

In a newsroom release Yahoo! announced on Wednesday that they have filed a memorandum of appearance with the Singapore High Court in which they plan to defend themselves.

Southeast Asia Managing Editor Alan Soon told the Associated Press:

“We intend to vigorously defend ourselves against this suit.”

In defending their stories Yahoo! points to a strong history of commissioned, acquired and original content.