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Penguin Books says no to e-book library lending

I’m still debating the whole getting an e-reader thing but there is no denying that they are becoming increasingly popular which means people are looking for more ways to get books on them, and one of those ways has been through the whole library lending idea.

It seems though that not everyone, meaning publishers, are enamored with the idea and the newest member of the anti-lending group is the publishing company Penguin Group. It was reported today via The Digital Shift that Penguin has pull all its ebooks from the Amazon Kindle Library Lending program.

Amazon uses the services of Overdrive to power the lending part of the Kindle library but Penguin doesn’t believe that Overdrive’s system is secure enough to stop any ebook piracy.

“We have always placed a high value on the role that libraries can play in connecting our authors with our readers,” the Penguin Group said in a statement. “However, due to new concerns about the security of our digital editions, we find it necessary to delay the availability of our new titles in the digital format while we resolve these concerns with our business partners.”

via MediaBeat

Ummm has anyone thought to tell the folks at Penguin that if the pirates want your product hard enough there isn’t a DRM system out there that will stop them. Come on Penguin get with the Internet age will ya.