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AOL To “Rethink Core Purpose” For European Homepage

AOL Europe Homepage

AOL is aware that they are in need of “innovation and a rethinking of its core purpose” and for that reason the company is preparing to revamp the homepage for their European property.

According to AOL executives they have been focused on internal priorities when they need to be focused on consumer needs which has brought about their motivation to revamp the homepage.

Under the company’s new strategy they will place greater emphasis on user data to ensure that the homepage better targets the experience users are seeking which in turn should power better advertising.

The homepage redesign will be unveiled sometime in 2012 and will be supported by a marketing campaign geared towards finding new users while educating current site visitors towards any changes that have been made.

According to NMA:

The move follows the revamp of rival MSN’s offering, to focus more on exclusive editorial features and live news content.

Yahoo also recently changed its strategy to focus more on hosting professionally produced videos.AOL UK made a foray into personalized content earlier this month by launching its first tablet magazine, Editions. Users can tailor the editorial content in the app around their personal interests.

Do you think AOL Europe’s homepage is in need of a major makeover?