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Apple Launches iTunes Match Option, Tells Customers What They Should Listen To


Apple iTunes Match

Apple on Monday expanded the capabilities of their iTunes application with iTunes Match, a highly-anticipated scan-and-match service that examines a users library and then offers future suggestions

The new feature is available in iTunes 10.5.1 and is free to download while users are still required to purchase song suggestions before listening.

If a match is found for a users music they are able to listen to the songs from anywhere thanks to Apple’s cloud server technology which comes with a $24.99/year subscription which allows listeners to store up to 25,000 songs while receiving higher quality streaming music then they will find on some other music services.

One big advantage of the Apple iCloud service is the fact that Apple has received permission from all four major music labels to keep one copy of each song on their servers, eliminating the need for users to download and then upload each song they purchase.

Do you plan on using the iTunes Match service with Apple iCloud music hosting?