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Salman Rushdie Puts Facebook on Blast on Twitter, Account Reinstated

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Salman Rushdie, who you may remember from the release of the controversial book The Satanic Verses back in 1988 and subsequent high profile fatwa issued against him by Iran, has come up against another bit of censure.

The acclaimed writer took to Twitter earlier today to protest what he believed was unfair treatment and deletion from Facebook. Rushdie gave an account wherein his page was first removed, and then he was forced to supply identification to re-access the service- but the author goes by a middle name, and was reinstated by his far lesser known given name, Ahmed. While you or I would have to rebuild from Facebook Zero with a new account, Rushdie was able to rouse his Twitter army and get a response from Facebook with alacrity.

Rushdie sent this series of tweets:

Maybe @MarkZuckerbergF is a phony. Is the real #Zuckerberg on Twitter? Where are you hiding, Mark? Come out here and give me back my name!

So if @finkd is the real #Zuckerberg: what are your people up to, sir? Why have I been denied my name on FB? An answer would be nice.

And amusingly:

@GVallaris Do you imagine I have NOT called tech support, sir?
(Because who can stand that one Captain Obvious when they’ve got a problem like Rushdie’s?) He continues:
Have been trying to get somebody at Facebook to respond. No luck. Am now hoping that ridicule by the Twitterverse will achieve what I can’t.
Good idea. Dear #Facebook, forcing me to change my FB name from Salman to Ahmed Rushdie is like forcing J. Edgar to become John Hoover… Or, if F. Scott Fitzgerald was on #Facebook, would they force him to be Francis Fitzgerald? What about F. Murray Abraham?
Finally, Rushdie tweeted a resolution:
Victory! #Facebook has buckled! I’m Salman Rushdie again. I feel SO much better. An identity crisis at my age is no fun. Thank you Twitter!
Have you run up against Facebook sanctions? Were you able to get unbanned from Facebook?