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[Video] Martha Stewart Visits Google For Digital Media Chat

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Domestic doyenne Martha Stewart stopped by Google to chat with Marissa Meyer for their @Google Talks series, discussing her new cookbook, her feelings on mobile publishing and how to engage a web audience.

Stewart is releasing a new tome titled Martha’s Entertaining: A Year of Celebrations, but the media moguless had much to say on what works to keep readers clicking. Min quotes Stewart on the subject of digital media and engagement:

“Find the niche that interests you and interests others,” Stewart advised the live and Web audience. Fill it with quality content, she added and then keep up with it and always explore its new extensions. She recounted how Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia explored as many avenues of new media and product extensions it could.

The site continues:

Nevertheless, she warned, her company has discovered that it can’t extend itself too far. “You must concentrate on those areas that are the most profitable and interesting…” she says. “That is what we are doing now, is figuring out what really we should be focusing on.”

Below is the chat between Stewart and Meyer in its entirety. (With surprising profanity from Martha at the 21-minute mark!)