|| Author: Kim LaCapria|

Study Finds Social Media Mostly a Positive Experience For Teens

facebook bullying

Although there is a panic that comes and goes surrounding the possibility of “bullying” on social networks and sites like Twitter and Formspring, a new study indicates that teens indicate mostly positive experiences on Facebook and its ilk.

There are some caveats- 88% of the teens surveyed having been on the receiving end of some cruel behavior while using social sites. But 69% of the young people responding described the interactions in which they engage as mostly positive. 95% of American teens and tweens between the ages of 12 and 17 use the web regularly, with 80% of those using social media as part of their online experience.

Lead author of the study Amanda Lenhart said:

“Most of the time, these are pleasant places to be. But there are some dark moments popping up once a while. For a subset of teens, the world of social media presents a climate of drama and mean behavior.”

Out of all the respondents, girls aged 12 and 13 were most likely to report negative interactions on the sites. One third of the girls that age report some Facebook or related site “drama,” compared with 9% of boys that age.