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Drinkify: Find the Optimal Booze For Your Music


Sometimes it seems the very best technical innovations are a) the absolute simplest and b) something you cannot believe someone hasn’t already invented before and that you are not using on a daily basis already.

Enter Drinkify. Winner of the “you had me at drink” award I’ve just created, the service is shockingly straightforward and surprisingly addictive. A nicely crafted interface greets you upon your arrival, and you’re greeted with a single field (not a prompt to connect to Facebook, or a login via Twitter, or a series of complex fields asking for your name, phone number and two separate street addresses)- “I’m listening to…”

Just plug in your current music, and Drinkify will supply the ideal cocktail to craft a drinking session for your music. I suggested Morrissey, to which the service advised I not listen to Morrissey alone (their standard reply), and suggested I add a bottle of Buckfast wine to the mix, which is genius. A query for They Might Be Giants leads to a suggestion of one can of Miller High Life, perhaps an allusion to “Alienation’s For The Rich.”

Note that a query will also auto-play a song from that particular artist. Is this the best drinking app ever?