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RedditGifts Aims to Break Guinness World Record For Secret Santa

reddit secret santa 2011

Back in August, Reddit spun off its popular gift-exchange arm to a separate site, RedditGifts.

At the time, the social aggregator took on the subreddit’s two mods as full-time employees, and now the newly-minted former subreddit is launching its first big initiative- with a stated goal of setting a Guinness World Record for the largest Secret Santa exchange. Already, the 2011 Reddit Secret Santa project is set to smash the site’s 2010 record, perhaps reflecting Reddit’s massive growth in the past few months. While 17,000-ish Redditors participated in the event last year, nearly 30,000 have signed up to take part in 2010, and sign-ups don’t even close until November 25th.

Reddit general manager Erik Martin (@hueypriest) commented on the push, saying:

“We’re dedicated to making this the largest and best Secret Santa the world has ever seen. While the Reddit Secret Santa will always belong to the community, we want to make this year’s initiative as inclusive as possible, even if that means some participants are new to Reddit.”

Sign-ups for the 2011 Reddit Secret Santa have been opened up to non-Redditors as well (and there are rumors there could be some secret celebrity participants), with a special page for getting involved set up here.