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New York Times Files Lawsuit Over Huffington Post Parenting Blog


The New York Times on Friday evening filed a lawsuit  in the U.S. District Court of Manhattan which requests that the Huffington Post (owned by AOL, inc.) change the name of their parenting blog.

The Huffington Post recently launched “Parentlode” which NYT officials say is too close to their own 3-year-old “motherlode” blog.

Parentlode is run by Lisa Belkin the same write behind Motherlode before she was poached by Arianna Huffington. Belkin was with the New York Times from 1982 through 2011.

At this time AOL is remaining silent about the lawsuit while the Times says Belkin “clearly intended” to confuse her readers with the choice of website name.

In her first blog post on the new website Belkin referred to the name change from “Motherload” to “Parentlode” by telling her readers that the original name didn’t fit “in an era when fathers are every bit the parent.” Taking a further jab at her former employers choice in blog name she said “Motherlode’ also doesn’t offer a name that “regularly champions equality, and new paradigms.”

One thing is for certain, the New York Times is running scared over a silly name that was mostly associated with Belkin in the first place and virtually died without her familiar voice once she left the web property.

Do you think Huffington Post is in the wrong?