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YouTube and Disney join forces to bring original content to the web

YouTube has been making some pretty interesting moves lately as it tries to make its video service more than just a stopping point to watch Internet memes or cat videos. As it announced the other week it is setting aside $100 million to create custom video channels for stars and other celebrities, and now we get word today that Disney is going to be teaming up with YouTube.

The partnership will see a combined amount of $10 to $15 million to create original shorts that will be available on a co-branded channel on both Disney.com and YouTube. The first of these shorts is modeled after a popular puzzle app “Where’s My Water?

Co-president of Disney Interactive, James A Pitaro said the goal is to have eight original series in production at any given time. “Where’s My Water?” which features an alligator named Swampy, will be entirely produced by Disney.

In return, YouTube is looking to gain industry credibility out of the partnership – specifically among parents – to help quell concerns over provocative and inappropriate video that pervades the site. Additionally, the company is hoping to compete against cable TV for ad dollars by offering professionally produced videos.

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I have a feeling that as YouTube tries to ‘legitimize’ itself as a content provider we will see more of these types of deals being made.