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Free Spotify For Virgin Broadband Customers in the UK

Free Spotify Premium

Sorry, US customers, but this Spotify promotion is only available to our fancy-talking cousins across the pond.

In order to compete with Apple’s iTunes store, Spotify- which has had far longer to get its hooks in in the UK- will be free to new subscribers of certain levels of Virgin Media’s broadband service. New subscribers at levels of 30Mbps or faster for broadband will receive six free months of Spotify’s premium service, a value add of about £10 a month.

Existing subscribers renewing packages will be able to get the same free Spotify Premium perk as the new customers when they re-up their Virgin Media contracts. The BBC quoted Spotify’s global head of telecom business development, Andreas Liffgarden, who said the perk is great for both the industry as well as users:

“Telecoms companies moving into the music space increases revenue streams to the music industry and provides benefits for fans and artists alike.”

But, as CMU business editor Chris Cooke pointed out, it’s a bit more compelling for the business end of the deal, as it “helps the firms automatically boost their subscription numbers overnight.” Would a perk like this influence your broadband provider decision?