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Huffington Post Will Launch French-Canadian Website

Arianna Huffington

Several weeks ago I reported that The Huffington Post was preparing to launch a french version of their website in France by the end of the year and now the group is planning a second french portal for their French-Canadian readers.

The Huffington Post only released their Canadian website six months ago and details about the new French-Canadian website which will largely service the Quebec population have just been revealed.

Known as Le Huffington Post Québec the site will be based in Montreal and will start publishing in 2012.

The announcement was made by company founder Arianna Huffington who said:

“I just love the idea of being able to bring all of the special elements of the Huffington Post to people around the world.”

According to Graham Moysey, General Manager of AOL Canada, the new site will help deliver “a nationwide HuffPost offering to our advertisers.”

Moysey continued:

“And we’re continuing to invest in Canadian editorial teams to deliver engaging and compelling stories, opinion, video, and more to the Canadian audience.”


The expansion announcement comes after Huffington Post Canada has witnessed double-digit growth since May with 1.8 million unique visitors each month and 200,000 unique visitors arriving on the English written site from Quebec.